The Shelter Movement

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Faith House on brink of insolvency

F.A.C.T. Out in the cold

F.A.C.T. Battered shelters

F.A.C.T. 'One-stop divorce shops'

F.A.C.T. Sheltered from reality

F.A.C.T. The Booming Domestic Violence Industry

F.A.C.T. Shelter in a storm

This is something I know to be true. If you could have seen the way our dogs were treated - by our mother. She would get a puppy, fuss it and play with it, feed it better than she ever fed us. This would only last a week or so, then, she would begin kicking, starving and abusing it in the most horrific ways. Then it would be 'got rid of'. Then she'd get another one and the cycle would begin over again.
Isn't it a pity, though, when folks cann pull together to protect animals, yet children are still living lives of hell and dying all over the world.
F.A.C.T. Why Ottawa got tough on cruelty to animals

So, while there is no money (or not enough) to help abused men and children, women get extra for their animals? It was in one of these places a child starved to death. But of course, a child isn't as worthy as an animal.
Shelter opens door to abused women - and their pets

F.A.C.T. Mother will not face trial over baby's death

F.A.C.T. Men can be victims of domestic violence as well

Letter to a Canadian Newspaper
F.A.C.T. Brown, Green attacked for honesty

F.A.C.T. 'Anti-male' booklets pulled by Ontario

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The truth about Canadian women's shelters
F.A,C.T. Info - One-stop divorce shops

Women's shelters under veil of secrecy

Abuse Centers Don't Help Men
by Philip Cook, Author of "Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence"

Criminal charges, mismanagement, infighting and sexual politics have left many women's shelters as bruised as the people they serve
Battered shelters

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