Tuesday, September 05, 2000

PSYCHOLOGIST Dr Prem Misra said there was clear evidence that women are more likely than men to want to take revenge.

He said: "This is true, traditionally, culturally and genetically. In females, the feeling of jealousy is more strong than it is in males.

"If the female feels insecure, the desire for revenge grows stronger and stronger. Jealousy is a normal human reaction, but it can get out of control leading to the desire to hurt somebody emotionally, physically or financially.

"It seems that in females this desire does not go away as quickly as it does in men - women don't forget hurt as easily."

Dr Misra added: "And if they don't get their revenge, they can become uptight and restless. The act of taking revenge can be _ a release for them. In some cultures, people do not feel the need for revenge because their domestic situations make feelings of jealousy rare.

"For example, in Tibetan culture, a woman may have a number of husbands and they feel the situation is normal.

"In other cultures, men have a number of wives who help each other out as friends and feel no jealousy towards each other.

"Revenge is closely associated with cultural factors."

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