False Allegations

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Is this something which the feminists would admit?
Quote: "PSYCHOLOGIST Dr Prem Misra said there was clear evidence that women are more likely than men to want to take revenge."

Unjustly accused can't shrug it off

Men 'one phone call' from total destruction

Cleared by a court, but the 'rapist' slur lingers long after

Change in rape law 'might deter real complaints'

DPP backs anonymity for defendants in sex cases

Rape-shield law encourages women to falsely accuse men

The false assumptions that insult all men

Sexual harassment agenda strays from equal treatment

Giving feminists a taste of their own medicine

The rape reform that makes all men guilty


Woman is wrongly tagged sex offender


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False accusations made the case for anonymity

Young couple's hoax leads to stiff fine

Woman charged in penis attack

Girl makes up assault to hide truancy

Fury over pat on bottom case

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Sexual Harrassment Laws Become Tools Of Censors

Sexual Harassment Issues

Quote: "Let's be careful how we define rape. According to feminist doctrine, sexual encounters that are later regretted are considered a form of rape. "
Disputing Mary Koss' Findings

False Rape Charge From Princeton's 'Take Back The Night' 1991

False Accusations Of Rape Happen

The New Mythology Of Rape: Politicizing Women's Pain
by Wendy McElroy

The Girl Who Cried "Wolf"

CJR - The Elusive Numbers on False Rape, by Dick Haws

Quote: "- by Neil Gilbert. "If one believes the figures most frequently quoted 'one in seven women now in college have been raped [...]'. These figures are cited in the introduction of the Safe Campuses for Women section of the Violence Against Women bill currently before the senate judiciary committee. [...] The bill proposes 80 million dollars over the next four years to make campuses safer for women. [...]"
The Campus Rape Scare


Quote: "The school has beefed up patrols and say this is a wake-up call. Although Campbell is considered to be one of the safest campuses in the country, they know they always have to be careful. "

Here-in lies the danger. False allegations are causing unnecessary and unfounded fears - crippling young students - making them mistrust their collegues - Althugh for the most part innocently, they are in fact promoting femiNazi poperganda that women are not safe from men - But just think - although even one rape is too many - why do the femiNazi have to inflate and lie about rape statistics? What do they have to gain? Amd, if one in four women are sexually assaulted or raped - isn't that the same as saying - 3 out of four, or 75 percent of women are not attacked or raped - so whilst everyone, men and women akike, must be careful and consider their personal safety, fortunately these despicabnl crimes are not as common as we were once led to believe... Now, even using their self-serving propaganda figure of one in four - doesn't that sound a more realistic view of things?
Campbell Student Admits Report of Rape Was False

Barnard student "Madame X"

false rape allegations

False accusations

False Rape Reports from Adults


Men's Issues in Brief -- A new perspective on the rape debate

False Rape Allegations Higher Than FBI Reports

The False Rape Allegations in 'Roe v Wade'

Where's the Evidence?

False Rape Report Links

Fred Zain, a police chemist whose expert testimony and lab tests helped put scores of rapists and murderers behind bars in two states over 13 years, now finds himself in the dock. Zain is charged with lying in court and tampering with evidence in his laboratories, compelling judges in West Virginia and Texas to release men sent to prison on the strength of blood and semen samples Zain verified.
Police chemist's perjury sends "perhaps hundreds" to jail falsely

Further coverage on the previous Fred Zain case.
Police Chemist Falsifies Huge Number of Rape Cases

Talks briefly of a case where during court proceedings, the first officer admitted that she had falsely accused the captain because she was tired of receiving criticism of her flying skills.
Sexual Harassment on the Flight Deck

Camilla Paglia: Harvard's date-rape idiocy

Quote: "....late prosecution disclosure of exculpatory evidence in midst of rape trial, filed April 21, 1998; the name of the alleged victim has been changed to Jane Doe"
Commonwealth v. Edgardo Alvarado, Massachusetts Appeals Court

This is the UNL Women's Studies Association's version of..
"All men are potential rapists."

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