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If you have difficulty speaking about your abuse or other problems in your life, then the Internet can often be a good place to start communicating with folk and there are a number of ways to do this, depending on how much contact you'd feel comfortable with.

Although I'm not an expert in these matters, here are a few things I've found that worked for me, that you might like to bear in mind.

If you'd feel safer you could use a 'Nick Name'

You could open a free web-based e-mail account to use for 'strangers'

There are many available such as:

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(If you'd like some help setting up an account, let me know, I'll be happy to help.)

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As I have said throughout this web site, reading people's personal experiences can be very distressing.

If you have not, yourself, suffered abuse, it still can be very upsetting to hear what some people suffer at the hands of those who are suppoesed to love them. You might feel anger, disbelief, frustration and powerlessnes. If this is so, I beg you to channel those feelings into something positive. Try to do anything you can, no matter how small you may feel it is, to help put a STOP to all human suffering.

If reading any thing here triggers off memories of the abuse you have endured, whether in your past, or if it is still happening, PLEASE try to find a way to express those feelings. Perhaps you could talk to a friend or someone else you could trust. Perhaps you would find it helpful to write about your anger and pain to find release. Perhaps, like me, you prefer to do something you enjoy doing to distract yourself, take your mind off those sad and frightening memories. Whatever it is that helps you, I pray that whatever you find here, while it may be distressing at first, will eventually help you in some way.

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Pierrot wrote to me some time ago, but it is to my eternal shame that, whilst I did speedily create a Page for his experiences, I must have forgotten to Link it to my web site. I do so now with much pride and admiration for a young man who has suffered greatly, yet has not lost the ability to care for others.

Pierrot told me he has not been allowed to publish his experiences in many places, but I want this to be a place for all to feel welcome and free to share whatever they wish.

Pierrot, to you I apologise publically, for my forgetfulness.

This young man has lived through the most horrific childhood imaginable. Every politician, social worker, 'do-gooder', 'special interest group', every 'I'm a victim, give me compensation' group and every other loud mouth self-serving 'group' should be made to read these pages. Then perhaps we could stop wastinng money and direct it to where it is most needed. To help stop abuse for EVERYONE.

Pierrot's Page

Pierrot: An Essay On Anger

Pierrot's very expressive and touching poetry.

Pierrot's Poems

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Here is part of the story of Allan Wells, it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to read. It brought so many awful memories back to me. We were not alike, he and I. I am female, abused as a child, he was an abused adult male. Yet the things this brave and tortured man had to suffer before he finally could take no more and committed suicide are, in some small way, known to me. I know some of his pain. We were both abused by women and I know how it felt when no one would listen and if they did they would not believe.

This is, the true and tragic account of part of the pain and suffering, the betrayal and torture he endured. It tells also of a society that does not care for ALL it's citizens. We all killed this poor man as surely as if we'd put a gun to his head, by our indifference.

I beg you all to read of Allan's experiences and to quietly vow to yourselves that you will do all within your power to see that never again will any human being have to go to such measures to be free from abuse.

Allan Wells - Battered Husband - Divorce - Suicide

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Abuse isn't only about scars or one's body being in mortal danger. One of the most horrific and tragic forms of abuse is that done to one's very soul. Men are suffering abuse of this nature every day..

I urge you all to read this article, to feel the pain, to feel the helplessness and hoplessness one must surely feel when the Laws of one's own Country are abusive. But, it is no good reading the sad accounts of our fellow human being's lives, then wiping our tears and forgetting about them. We must all learn what we can, then get angry. We must motivate those who are lazy of spirit, we must support those of us who are weary of the lonely battle... We must protest in our streets, newspapers, even in our cafes and pubs.. We must talk to those who truly know nothing of the plight of the many.. We must shout louder than those who seek to deny the truth. Ultimately, in any Democracy, it is we, the people who make the Law. Get out and demand justice.... For this is not an isolated situation, and God forbid, tomorrow this could be you or someone you care for.

"Only A Father"

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I am proud to call Ken a friend, and though we've not known each other long, I have found him to be a most warm and loving person. He first wrote asking if he could do aything to help in the fight to get justice for men, then within a short space of time he'd founded a wonderful online support group for men. It was no surprise to me, and an indication of Ken's integrity and love of people that, though his Support group was for Christian Men, he asked me, a woman to join. Not only that, but I'm also Jewish, but Ken's lovingkindness knows no bounds. He works tirelessly to help anyone who comes his way, and fights fearlessly anyone who would cross swords with him in his quest to seek justice for all human beings. More amazing than all this, Ken's early life had not been filled with love, he'd not known a stable and loving home. He is a true testiment that children who have been abused truly can break the cycle.

I hope you will read Ken's story, then go to his Club and introduce yourself. I know you'll come away, as I do, feeling inspired and ready to fight one more battle.

Ken's Story

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Sue's Poem

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