Abuse Hurts Everyone

Abuse Always Hurts
Abuse Is Always Wrong
Abuse Should Never Be Tolerated.

To repeat: Abuse hurts, is wrong and should not be tolerated. Who could disagree? It seems the 'Right' thing to say and believe, yet sadly not everyone agrees, and not everyone believes. Some are innocent of knowledge because, despite the propaganda, most people go through life without experiencing the pain of violence and abuse, they only know what they read in their newspapers, or see on their television screens. But sadly what they read and see is not the truth. They are not told that All abuse hurts, that All abuse is wrong, and that All forms of abuse are intolerable. Instead they're encouraged, and even duped into believing, that when women abuse it doesn't hurt and it should be tolerated at all costs.

No one would deny that the violence perpetrated on some women is dreadful and terrible and that the perpetrators of such vicious and cruel crimes should indeed be dealt with in the most severe way. Neither would anyone deny that our Governments must provide the necessary resources to aid and protect these women. But I truly do not understand why the same vicious and dreadful abuses perpetrated BY women are treated differently.

Because, whether we like to believe it or not, whether it suits our personal agenda to admit it or not and whether it is politically correct to say it or not, both men and women are victims of abuse and both are capable of carrying out the exact same terrible, soul destroying, inhumane tortures.

The tragic issue of abuse will never be resolved until society accepts that both men and women can be victims or abusers. Although I despise all forms of abuse, I will continue to spread the news about this fact until the truth is finally recognized. Anyone can be abused, abuse Always hurts, is wrong and should Not be tolerated.

And so, these Pages are dedicated to anyone, man, woman or child who has been or is being abused. Whether that be emotional, physical, sexual and or psychological abuse, and whoever the perpetrator. You do not deserve it and, though it may be difficult for you to believe, it is not your fault.

It's not always easy to talk about the dreadful things some human beings do to others and you may find the contents of these Pages distressing. So may I suggest, if you find yourself getting upset, it is often a good idea to take a break and do something else for a little while. You can always bookmark anything you'd like to return to later.

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Last updated on 27th January, 2001

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Child abuse is a crime. It makes no difference who hurt you. You did not deserve the abuse, it was not your fault, you are important and you deserve to be believed and helped. You can read some children's stories, and find some helpful information Here..

Child Abuse
Last updated on 27th January, 2001

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We all know that some men abuse, but what about the many men who are victims of abuse? There are very few places where these men can go for help and support and their pain is rarely taken seriously. Did you know that if a man reports abuse by a female he is most times ridiculed, more often than not disbelieved and frequently arrested? You can read more about this here...

Men Are Victims Too

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The effects divorce has on children can be traumatic, even when both parents have been responsible and caring. But sadly, when parents are not caring or responsible the children are often used as pawns in the 'Who Gets What' battles. This madness must stop! Parents cannot be allowed to use their children to 'punish' or to 'get one over' on their spouse. Divorce should only be an ending of the relationship between the adults, not between the children and their parents. Unless there are issues of abuse, a child should not be denied the love and friendship of either parent. It is a cruel myth that children don't need fathers, or that fathers don't love their children. You can read more about this Here...

Families Need Fathers

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While of course it is true that women are abused by men, this is not the whole truth. Some women can be and are as abusive as some men. For those who care enough to be impartial, there is plenty of evidence that women abuse. There are reports, statistics, studies and goodness knows how many wounded people in the world who will tell you that women can and do abuse. I have made it my business to find as many Links as I can to illustrate this in the hopes it will help anyone who is being, or like myself has been, abused by a woman. There are reputable people in the world who believe you. And I believe you. You can read more about this Here...

Violent Women
Updated on 24th January, 2001

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When you were young, did you ever play a game, 'Chinese Whispers'? It involves a group of folk all sitting in a circle. The one to start would whisper a sentence to the one on his left, and he in turn would whisper it to his neighbour. By the time it gets back to the person who started it, the sentence is often quite different in meaning. It seems to me that this innocent game is being used in a malicious way by a certain group of people. If you'd like to know who is trying to hide certain facts about the issue of abuse, and how they're using genuine statistics and reports but putting their own slant on them, or indeed suppressing them, you can learn more Here...

Feminists' Facts Or Fictions
Updated on 3rd February, 2001

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Fortunately the 'gender' or 'radical' feminists do not speak for or to the majority of women. There are many well informed, highly educated and brave men and women who are speaking out against them and exposing their self-serving myths. You can read more about these good folk Here...

Heroes & Heroines

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Why not take a break and visit my Positive Page :o) I've been adding some things I like and some things I think you might like. Perhaps you'd like to share what makes you smile with other readers? I cannot let my past experiences rule my life and I refuse to give my abuser the power to still control how I feel. It is hard and it isn't always possible I know, but I do try to make sure I look for 'something nice' I admit I don't always find it, but I do always try : )

Purple Positive Page!

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Throughout my life I've learned many things and again, through the wonders of the Internet, I've 'met' many people from all walks of life. And I have recognised that whether we are from different countries, or we're of different races and creeds, we are all the same. Some are abusers some victims and some, the majority, fortunately have remained untouched.. To these people, I say. Thank you!

Thank you for showing us that there is another way. Thank you for loving each other and allowing us to see what love is, for giving us good role models and giving us hope that we too can give and receive love in such a wonderful way.

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