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Each of us is unique! There is no one in the world exactly like you or me, and none of our experiences are exactly the same. Yet in our uniqueness we have many things in common. They say 'knowledge is power' and it is true that with knowledge comes understanding. Maybe you feel that nothing can help you, yet the fact you are here shows you have hope. I hope you find something here that will help or empower you.

There Is Help And There Is Hope

Here are some Links I hope will assist you. Some are other people's experiences so please be aware they may be distressing for you to read. If you find they are triggering memories of your abuse, it may be a good idea to take a break. Being British, I always find a nice cup of tea helps. :)

I found the ideas here very simple and almost every one made me smile, especially the first. It's good to remember to be kind to yourself. I often wonder why I feel it most important to make those I care about feel good, happy and comfortable and yet don't treat myself the same way. Maybe deep inside I don't feel I'm important. Whatever the reason, we should all treat ourselves every day. Just to acknowledge that we deserve the same little treats that we like to give to others. (I'm going to make a nice cup of tea in my favourite, china cup and saucer!)

Ideas For When You're Feeling Yucky

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Finding A Support Group

STAND UP: (Stop The Abuse Now! Demystify, Understand and Prepare)


Is There Justice For Victims?

David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages

An excelent, unbiased source of information
Domestic Violence Information Depot

A list for hotline and referral numbers across America
National Hotline Numbers

Women Can Also Be Violent and Abusive

Quote: "..... is a USA/Canadian self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by spiritual elders (Catholic priests, brothers, nuns, ministers, teachers, etc).
SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
Understanding Cult Mind Control

Has Ritual Abuse Happened Outside Of Day Care Centers?

AABL - Advocates for Abused And Battered Lesbians

Domestic Violence In Lesbian Relationships

How can you tell if you are being abused?

Violent/Self-Destructive Behaviors

South Carolina Family Violence Program

Abuse comes in all guises and I was shocked beyond belief last year to learn from one Internet friend that in North America almost all baby boys are abused shortly after birth by circumcision of a most barbaric nature and for no apparent reason, since most of the rest of the civilized world doesn't do it. I feel the parents of these poor defenceless baby boys are also being abused. What parent does not want what is best for their baby? What parent, when faced by a doctor they have been taught to trust implicitly, would not listen when they're told it's their duty to look after their baby's welfare by allowing this procedure, and who would have the courage to refuse it and be accused of being a 'bad' parent? Please follow this Link. Learn what 'civilized' nations are doing to their weakest, most defenceless citizens. Let us speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves
Mutilation Of Babies

Partners and Friends Of Incest Survivors Anonymous

Sexual Abuse Links

Christine's Page is a very good source of information for girls sexually abused by their mothers.
Making Daughters Safe Again

Rape Recovery Help and Information Page

This is aimed at guiding the friends or family members who desire to help and support a survivor of abuse
Needs Of A Survivor

A simple, but powerful way to help improve your self esteem :)
The Tiger's Eye Survivor Page's Self-Esteem

A Page of hope and insight.
I have Survived

Holli's Triumph Over Tragedy

Crossroads Safehouse: Larimer County, Colorado

Quote: "We operate a safe house, known as Everywoman's Place, for abused women and their minor children. The location of our safe house is not disclosed to the public. Shelter may be provided for up to 30 days for those who are eligible. When possible, we offer shelter for abused men in an alternate location.
Delaware County: How The Domestic Abuse Project Can Help You

Sharon's Healing Journey

Crisis Centers: Canada, USA, International

Dana's Psychology Hot Links

The Therapist: Help and advice

National and International Resources
Dometic Violence: Where To Get Help

This Hospital deserves praise for it's commitment to anyone who is being abused. It's policy of treating all victims with dignity and respect, no matter their age or gender is something rare. Well, done - Let's hope the rest of the world will follow this example!
Vancouver General Hospital's Domestic Violence Programme

S.A.F.E. News!

S.A.F.E. (Stop Abuse For Everyone)

International Child Protection

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