Abuse comes in all guises.. It's not only about bruises and scars, or being in mortal danger. One of the most horrific and tragic forms of abuse is that done to one's very soul and one section of society in particular is suffering abuse of this nature every day..

The citizens I refer to are Fathers. Fathers are systematically being abused by the Courts and by society in general. Once their wives or partners decides they want to be rid of them, fathers have nowhere to go for help as even the Courts are against them. They are jailed without trial, and stripped of the democratic right of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. They can have their driving license confiscated, their wages gaarnished and can be thrown out of their home without notice. But worse than all that is the fact they are being torn away from their children.
As if all this wasn't cruelty enough fathers then have to see their pictures plastered around their towns on posters, suffer the malicious attacks in their daily newspapers on how they're all 'deadbeats'. How they 'abandoned' their children. Advertisments are shown on television that put them down. Children are being told they don't need their fathers, their father is no good, he didn't love them, he left them.
I urge you all to read this article, to feel the pain, to feel the helplessness and hoplessness one must surely feel when one is being abused by the Laws of one's own Country. But it is no good reading the sad accounts of our fellow human being's lives, then wiping our tears and forgetting about them. We must all learn what we can, then get angry. We must motivate those who are lazy of spirit, we must support those of us who are weary of the lonely battle... We must protest in our streets, newspapers, even in our cafes and pubs.. We must talk to those who truly know nothing of the plight of the many.. We must shout louder than those who seek to deny the truth. Ultimately, in any Democracy, it is we, the people who make the Law. Get out into your communities and demand justice.... For this is not an isolated story and God forbid, tomorrow this could be you or someone you care for.
Only A Father"

Again, I urge you not to pass by.. Read how one man has finally found peace. Read how civilised countries are killing the spirit, the joy of life, killing even the hope for justice of it's citizens, until all they have left to look forward to is death... Of course there are bad people out there. But they are the minority. The world is full of loving and kind, responsible and respectful people. Yet these good people, our friends and neighbours, are dying.. Why don't we care? Andrew T. Renouf could be your brother or your friend, he could so easly be you. It must stop. The hate and revenge must stop. The Laws of our Countries must stop pandering to the extremists' demands. And only WE, The People, can stop it.
In loving memory of Andrew T. Renouf May he rest In peace

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You've all heard of 'Deadbeat Dads'.. Now take a look around and see just who that term is referring to. I hope you've already read the two Links above - 'Only A Father' and 'In loving memory of Andrew T. Renouf' - are they your idea of 'deadbeat' Dads? Of course there are men who walk away from their responsibilities, and don't care to support their children.. BUT they are a minority, and not in the millions that you are lead to believe. And also there are women who do the same. There are many women who walk out on their children but do you ever see 'deadbeat' Mother posters?
The Myths About Dads

Fathers, Who Needs Them?
Quote: "Children from fatherless homes account for:
63% of youth suicides.
(Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Bureau of the Census).
71% of pregnant teenagers.
(Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services)
90% of all homeless and runaway children.
70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes
(DOJ, Special Report)
85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders.
(Source:Center for Disease Control).
80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger.
(Source: Criminal Justice & Behavior, Vol. 14, p. 403-26).
71% of all high school dropouts.
(Source: National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools).
75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers.
(Source: Rainbows for all God`s Children).
85% of all youths sitting in prisons.
(Source: Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections)."

Quote: "A father’s relationship with his children is the most important relationship in life. It is no exaggeration to say that everything else hinges on this relationship: not only the welfare of the children themselves, but the general well-being of the family, the health of the church, the welfare of civil society, the strength of the economy, the moral climate of the civilization, the prosperity of the Kingdom of God in history, the future of the world.
The Father’s Heart: God’s #1 Priority

Quote: "GOALS: Restore equality of fathers in their childrens' lives. Restore the "best interests" of the children issues Political awareness of fatherhood issues to bring about change in **laws to punish intentional denial of visitation** "fairer, more equitable child support involving both "biological" parents** etc. Reform Family/Divorce Court Systems and Child Support Enforcement Agencies throughout the entire United States Reverse the moral decline created by the ulta-feminists. "
Real Women U.S.A.

Quote: "Depriving Children of Fathers, (Through Single- Motherhood and Divorce), Has Become The Most Prevalent Form of Child Maltreatment In America Today." by Professor David Popenoe, "Life Without Father"
ABOUT DADS: The Essential Father

"An organization devoted to reinstating the role and valuation of Marriage and the nuclear American Family, with particular emphasis on reinstating the role and valuation of Fatherhood.
DA*DIs (Dads Against the Divorce Industry)

National Centre For Fathers

Virginia Fatherhood Initiative: Restoring Fatherhood ... An Urgent Priority!

The Fathers' Rights Coalition: publication Reduce Your Child Support

Fathers Rights To Custody Homepage
Information To Assist Fathers In Gaining Legal Custody

A Verbal Presentation by Steven A. Easton to the Special Joint Senate, House of Commons Committee on Child Custody and Access. 98/03/30, Toronto Ontario
In the Best Interests of Our Children

Betting On Our Kids' Future

Child Custody and Child Custody Disputes Site Map

Include Dads, Don't Just Send Them A Bill

The New Abuse--Child Custody:
In the War against Domestic Violence, Many Courts Are on the Wrong Side

Carey Linde - Barrister - Divorce for Men
Husband Abuse Links

The A-Team is made up of Lawyers, Trial Consultants, Psychologists, Medical Doctors and others assembled to help those wrongly accused of child abuse, domestic violence, date rape, sexual harassment and other gender crimes.
The A Team

Please follow the Link to Anthony's Home Page
A Father's Tribute To The Child He Cannot Be With

The Brutal Custody Issues Of A Divorced Father

Fighting False Accusations Of Child Abuse

Family Resource Coalition Report Fatherhood and Family Support

Single and Custodial Father's Network

Quote: "Good things Dad did!" We all know the stories of fathers who got it wrong. In fact, we know these stories so well we often forget the things our fathers did get right. We believe it's important to tell the good stories. That's why we invite you to tell us how your father got it right.
Manhood Home Page

Quote: "The saving grace in Anne's childhood was her foster father "He was special. He was a very loving man and from him I learnt the value of fathers. He was the one who cared for us. He was the one who held us and loved us, he cooked our food, he did the washing up."
B.B.C. Online: Childhood Experiences:

USAToday: The President's Address About Father's Day, June 15, 1996

BCFreePress: A Father's Day Tribute To A Feminist Liberal Politician

"My Dad Is A Hero"

divorcedfather.com: Still A Dad

Maine Dads

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The National Organization for Men:
Father's Rights. Sorry, Marcia, kids come first

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Texas Fathers For Equal Rights:

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Families Need Fathers: Britain

Fathers', Men's Rights Links

American Fathers Coalition

DADS Against Discrimination

Dadman's Father's Rights Page

American Coalition For Fathers and Children

Advocates For Men and Fathers

I pray something in these Links will help you whether you are wishing to inform yourself or seek support and advice. For, by speaking out and opening up the subject of abuse, not only do we expose it, we take away the power of silence from the abuser no matter who that abuser might be.

Abuse Hurts
Abuse Help and Information
Abuse Hurts Children
Men Are Abused Too
Violent Women
Feminists' Facts Or Fictions
Heroes and Heroines
Purple Positive Page!

Fathers' Day
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