Fathers Battling Injustice

Only a father

Posted By: An Outsider
Date: Saturday, 13 March 1999, at 2:43 p.m.

She throws him out by ex-parte. He asks for his belongings. Go to court. No money for that. Divide the assets. The house and its contents were his before she came into the picture with her over extended credit cards. . She calls the appraiser, this is mine, this is his, this is common. She hides his most valuable possessions. He has no input. His net worth, according to her: $800.00. Go to court. --Judge says: "I won't rule on this". --He says: "sell the house". --Judge says: "I won't force the sale"(Half hour prior to that he approved, ex-parte, a forced sale for a woman's bidding). --He says: "I have no more money for the mortgage." -- Judge says: "In that case, I will put up your child support and extraordinary expenses and order you to pay spousal support and I order her to pay the mortgage. In order to make it seem that you earn more than she does I will impute your salary. Never mind that you have no money left, you can always bum with some friends and if you don't have any, there's the Sally Ann." She gets his entire salary. It's not enough so he is in arrears. He has no driver's licence as she went to the doctor and got the doctor to write to MTO that he suffers from incurable addictions. He is put in jail. His arrears grow bigger and bigger. He will be in jail until he pays them. He cannot pay them because he is in jail. She defaults on the mortgage. She wants the house on sale. He says let's get a second estimate. Her barracuda writes: "You are blocking the sale. If you don't sign within two hours, we will get an order from her Honour to force the sale". He signs. She empties the house and moves away, destination unknown. It's a matrimonial matter, no matter what the criminal code says about separated spouses committing theft, the police won't get involved. Go to court. Cannot go, he is in jail and has no money. The house sells, she gets the proceedings. He's still in jail. What the hell, get a degree. The taxpayers will finance it. He has a roof over his head, three square meals and a clean bed. Better than the Union Mission. If the kids were not there, somewhere ... life would not be half bad. No decisions to make. No salary to be garnished. But the kids ... They found him hanging from the rafters.

Posted with permission of the author on Saturday, 27th March, 1999