Violence From Women
Hurts As Much As Violence From Men

Men are not the only perpetrators of abuse and violence. Women also commit acts of dreadful abuse and, more shockingly to some, women also rape, molest and sexually abuse.
In fact, the only difference between men and women who abuse that I can find, is the way society view their terrible crimes. Men who abuse are most often called; 'evil', 'dogs', 'animals', 'perverts', whilst women, more often than not, are said to be 'victims', 'acting in self defence', 'misguided', 'inappropriate' and aren't thought of as a 'real' danger. But, as the feminists are fond of telling us 'There is NO excuse for abuse!'
Until the day women and men are held equally accountable for their crimes, violence and abuse will never be eradicated from our Communities.
Anyone suffering such terrible abuse needs our support and they need us to believe them. Please don't be blinded by the myth that all women are kind and loving. They aren't. Some are evil, cruel, sadistic, controlling and extremely abusive, and some are rapists and child molesters.
Once again may I remind you that you may find some of the material here distressing, so it may be a good idea to take a break for a little while.

Sexual Abuse By Women

Added on 24/01/01

      Quote: "A sobbing teenager told Invercargill District Court on Monday that she was raped with an aerosol can by two women because one of them was jealous a former boyfriend fancied her."
Jealousy behind rape, court hears

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Added on 18/01/01


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Added on 13/01/01

      This article bears out the concerns we should ALL have for children when mothers put their owne 'interest' before the child's safety.
      Quote: "Fathers are not simply sperm banks or ATM machines, or pinch hitters for when Mommy gets tired," Barnes writes. "Sadly, children's behavior is often not lovable, except to those with a primal interest in seeing their off-spring grow and flourish. In other words, one of the main purposes of the nuclear family is to protect children from men who are not their fathers."
Mommy's boyfriend woes -- and ours

      This news article upset me no end. Whilst it is true, we have no reason to believe this woman (I cannot find it in me to call her a "mother") has abused her children to date, how can we not feel frightened for their future safety?
      Is it really enough for any of us to say "I have never lifted my hand to a child"?
      Surely, knowingly exposing a child to danger, or keeping silent if we see others do so, is equally as bad as abusing that child ourselves?
      The Judge and the probation services were unhappy about the woman's decision but a social worker said he "could neither object to nor support Medlock's plans to move in with the family,.."
      Although in these days of "It's MY life and I will do as I please" it may be unfasionable to say it, but my true belief is that once you have children, if there is a conflict of interest between something you would like to do and your child(ren)'s safety or happiness, then you must put your own personal wants and desires behind you until your children have left home and become independent.
Judge says he's powerless to block marriage of molester to woman with children
Woman Charged With Statutory Rape of (13-14 year old) Husband
The darker data
Women and Boys -- Sexual Assault or Initiation?
Small town blown away by teacher-pupil sex trial

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Added on 12/01/01

      "I refuse to be painted as a predator of young boys."
31 year old female lusting after child, boasts:

Former teacher acquitted of sexual exploitation of student
A double standard of the ugliest kind
Why we conform to the last taboo
Mom held on kid-p0rn rap
Teacher's aide faces sexual misconduct inquiry
Woman Teacher Charged With Affair
Foster mother guilty of sexually exploiting girl
Teach, Teens Shared Sex and Booze, Says DA

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      As you read this article please bear in mind the true victims. The Children. One could be forgiven for 'forgetting' who the victims are in this politically correct, gender-biased account of sexual abuse. The children are mentioned almost as after-thoughts.
Marie Claire: The Last Taboo

      One reader's comments to Marie Claire:
Letter to Editor - Keihan
      Summary of UK TV programme - Panorama - BBC1 - 6th October 1997
The Sexual Abuse by Women of Children and Teenagers
Unmasking the female predator
Woman Accused of Sex With Teens Lured Them From Bus Stops
Teacher's aide pleads innocent
Child molester may be ruled state's first female violent predator
Stepdad Takes Sex Abuse Rap for Baby Deal
Feminists Who Celebrate Rape
Teacher's pet: Boy, 13
Two Teacher/Child Molesters
      Coached boys volleyball: Teens don't see themselves as victims
Female teacher alleged to have had sex with team

Convicted Teacher Profits From Sex With Student
      Abuse of any kind is about power and control, and nothing to do with the size and strength of the perpetrator.
Bibliography: Men Raped or Sexually Abused by Women
Woman charged with raping man at gunpoint
Pair suspected of rape, kidnappings, slaying

Child Abuse And Murder By Women

Added on 26/01/01

Woman regrets torment Boy taped to chair, choked
Calif. Mom Arrested for Keeping Kids in Car Trunk
Witnesses say girl starved while her family ate
Cops: Son Attacked for Skipping Sunday School
Mom who put son in dryer sentenced
Mother sent son to live with internet stranger

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Added on 17/01/01

Mother Struck Children With Ax, Police Say
      More excuses for another violent woman
      "Severe depression resulted in women's bizarre actions
Tying, choking little boy was drastic 'cry for help'
Marijuana may grow by doghouse, police say

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Added on 17/01/01

Mother pleads guilty over son's death
Abortion trauma blamed in toddler's death
Alberta mother who killed child faces new abuse charges
Mother sentenced to 7 years suspended for killing baby
Teacher tapes cat feces to boy's desk
Mother Burned Children to get back at husband
Child abandoned in pushchair for 10 days

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      We MUST stop this double standard in our attitude to all forms of abuse. If a woman is abused, raped or murdered we quite rightly demand justice and say "There is No excuse for abuse" So why, when women abuse, do we bend over backwards to find excuses?
      Listen to the chilling words of Donna Morgan, a program coordinator at the Women’s Center in Fayetteville, USA, who seems utterly unconcerned with the pain and suffering of children and only concerned with "what the woman is going through"
      Quote: “First of all you have a woman who doesn’t feel good about herself to begin with,” Morgan said. “So then she has to find somebody that’s weaker than her” to make her feel powerful.
      “The child is not the problem. The abusing of the child is the escape of what the woman is going through with the man. The child abuse is a symptom.”

Some Child Abuse Cases in North Carolina
      A short life, a short story, so why am I still crying?
Infanticide Cases: Chris.

Woman remains jailed in injury of son, 2
Woman has choice: Jail or sterilization
      Quote: " prosecutor Deann Conroy told of the abuse and neglect and the last hours of Joel's life and handed Denver District Judge Jeffrey Bayless photographs of Joel alive and Joel dead, Bayless commanded her, "Stop!" He had heard enough."
(Mother's) Long jail term for tot's death
Abusive Mother Get's 4.1/2 Years
      Another child murderer gets off. Cleverly the feminists latched on to the 'fat' thing to distort the issue - but it was murder through neglect - bedsores, laying in feces.. That poor girl was left to rot.
Obese girl's mother guilty of misdemeanor child abuse
Three hours in hot car: boy in coma
CNN.Com - Murdering Mother
Mother found guilty of child abuse, fraud for making daughter sick
More prison term -- but not time -- for mother of caged girl
California child chained to bed is recovering
      Sadly this child's death went unpunished. No one - in a domestic violence shelter (you know, those places one can turn to when one is being hurt and abused) - cared enough to see this child received even the most basic care. Shelters, apparently, only care for women abused by men. I've seen on feminist Sites the words 'girl-child(ren)'. Perhaps, had this child been a girl.....??
System to blame for toddler's death, judge rules
Baby-killer's story has less-than-Precious ending
Legalizing baby abandonment
Drop-off stations for cast-off babies
Don't be stupid about at-risk kids
Duct-taped baby serves as warning
Six prisons let women do time with their children
Woman sues doctors for not stopping her from killing
Will 'neonaticide' become the new buzzword?
      The tragic case of 'Cornelious' is child abuse of a most horrific nature, since it's done with the collusion of those who're supposed to Protect children!
Child custody or child endangerment?
      More 'legalised' child abuse!
HIV-infected mother battles to breast-feed baby
      Taking a stand to protect children!
The Postpartum Prosecutor South Carolina is a dangerous place for pregnant women who abuse drugs
Molinari: Test Newborns for Drugs
      Now, this I really don't understand. If a man harms a child, in this case and unborn child, he deserves punishment beyond the present Laws.. But as you've seen from the articles above, women can abuse and kill, sexually molest and rape children and we're supposed to fell sorry for them? How can this be in a 'just' society?
N.Y. Needle Attack Case Reflects Nationwide Fetal Crime
Renee Polreis is going to prison.
Did Little Nadine Have to Die?
City Probes Missed Abuse on Slain Tot
A purge at child welfare

Sadly, because abuse by females is such a huge problem, this section of my web site has become too large. To make it easier for you, I have put the "Women Abusing Adults", - "Violent Girls" - and - "Some Things You Might Not Know But If ALL Abuse Is To End, You Should!", sections on another Page.

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