I dedicate this section of my Web Site
To those for whom there will never now be justice.


Those dear, kind, loving men
Whom our Courts had seen fit to abamdon, vilify
And leave feeling they had no other way out
Other than to take their own lives.

Their Countries failed them

Their Laws failed them

We all failed them

For these men there was no justice. Neither was there truth, morality nor any semblance of even the most basic human dignity. Unless we ALL stand together, wherever we live, to fight injustice wherever we find it and whomsoever it is hurting, then, sadly, we will have to bear the consequences, and will have to console more grieving children when another Father can finally take no more.

I Pray They Found Peace.

Here is part of the story of Allan Wells, it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to read. It brought so many awful memories back to me. We were not alike, he and I. I am female, abused as a child, he was an abused adult male. Yet the things this brave and tortured man had to suffer before he finally could take no more and committed suicide are, in some small way, known to me. I know some of his pain. We were both abused by women and I know how it felt when no one would listen and if they did they would not believe.

This is the true and tragic account of part of the pain and suffering, the betrayal and torture he endured. It tells also of a society that does not care for ALL it's citizens. We all killed this poor man as surely as if we'd put a gun to his head, by our indifference.

I beg you all to read of Allan's experiences and to quietly vow to yourselves that you will do all within your power to see that never again will any human being have to go to such measures to be free from abuse.

Allan Wells - Battered Husband - Divorce - Suicide

Abuse comes in all guises.. Abuse isn't only about scars or one's body being in mortal danger. One of the most horrific and tragic forms of abuse is that done to one's very soul. Men are suffering abuse of this nature every day..

I urge you all to read this article, to feel the pain, to feel the helplessness and hoplessness one must surely feel when the Laws of one's own Country are abusive. But, it is no good reading the sad accounts of our fellow human being's lives, then wiping our tears and forgetting about them. We must all learn what we can, then get angry. We must motivate those who are lazy of spirit, we must support those of us who are weary of the lonely battle... We must protest in our streets, newspapers, even in our cafes and pubs.. We must talk to those who truly know nothing of the plight of the many.. We must shout louder than those who seek to deny the truth. Ultimately, in any Democracy, it is we, the people who make the Law. Get out and demand justice.... For this is not an isolated situation, and God forbid, tomorrow this could be you or someone you care for.

"Only A Father"

Again, I urge you not to pass by.. Read how this poor soul finally found peace. Read how civilised countries are killing the spirit, the joy of life, killing even the hope for justice of it's citizens, until all they have left to look forward to is death... Of course there are bad people out there. But they are the minority. The world is full of loving and kind, responsible and respectful people. Yet these good people, our relatives, friends, neighbours and the strangers we mourn though we never knew them, are dying.. Why don't we care? Andrew T. Renouf could be your brother or your friend, he could so easly be you. It must stop. The hate and revenge must stop. The Laws of our Countries must stop pandering to the extremists' demands. And only WE, The People, can stop it. In loving memory of Andrew T. Renouf May he rest In peace

Andrew T. Renouf May he rest In peace

Darrin White was only 34 years old. He could have been your son, brother, partner, or friend. He was a father, now lost to this world, and to his four children.

Darrin White - Another Tragic Loss To Us ALL

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