Censorship, in whatever form, is a most deadly weapon. Censorship's only reason for existence is to manipulate and control the people it's aimed at. We in the West think it's a problem other countries have. We live in a Democratic Country, we have our 'Rights', chief amongst which are: The 'Right' of free speech, the 'Right' to expect our Governments and Media to keep us fully and truthfully informed. The 'Right' to go about our business without hinderance or let. The 'Right' to worship in accordance with our beliefs, or not to worship at all, and the 'Right' to express our opinions - as long as we balance that 'Right' with our responsibilities to those within our communities. Ahh yes!! We really believe that we're far better off than those poor folk in countries such as China, for example. But are we?

Perhaps people in those non-democratic Countries are better off than we.. They KNOW their Governments lie to them. They KNOW their Press are corrupt or dictated to as to what information they can give out. They KNOW they dare not speak publically about such things as politics or religion, for example.

Living in a democracy used to mean we sometimes had to listen to, or see things we didn't like, but until those we objected to broke the Law, they too had their rights. But today, with the collusion of our governments, and our own complacency, we are allowing ourselves to be dictated to about even the most basic things in our lives.

Most galling and immoral of all, are the double standards of these 'mind police' If you wish to say, read, or do anything they dislike, disapprove of, or which shows them up for the fakes they are - then you are 'bad', wrong, hateful and descriminating. On the other hand, these self-serving few can do and say as they please - they are victims, in their own eyes, so have the right to brow-beat the rest of us in any way they choose.


Melanie Phillips of Sunday Times: "Freedom only lives if we disapprove of offensiveness, but defend it to the death."
What a cunning way to destroy free speech

The right to be a bigot and an idiot

Guess who's coming to dinner? Just a little barbecued sacred cow
I am, therefore I rant. . .

When I learned that folk in USA were trying to ban books, especially by such authors as Mark Twain, I was astounded. I thought America was 'the land of the free and the home of the brave?' How sad to learn that American citizens are being dictated to as to which books they can or cannot read, not by the government, but by a small minded, hate-filled minority. I just don't understand it. Surely in a democratic country people should be free to read what they choose? Maybe I'm mistaken, or maybe America isn't a real democracy..
Banned Books & Censorship

Banned Book Week

Censoring library in hot water again

Quote: Feminists blocked conventional print publication of Jack Kammer's latest book, but thanks to technological advances FREE electronic distribution cannot be stopped

The liberal media-in-training

Learn your rights and keep abreast of those who seek to take them from you.
F.A.C.T. - First Amendment Cyber-Tribune

The Age (Australia) Cenorship - Return of the vice police

Declaration of Insanity

Selective censorship

A Call To Lustiness, by Camille Paglia
Just say no to the sex police

The censoring of feminist history

Confederate flag supporters hold protest

The file of double standard keep growing and growing

Censorship - Feminism
And Other Nonsense
In Education

Censorship is not limited to what we read, but increasingly in what we can or cannot say. However, like any other corrupt regime - these 'speech laws' only apply to one section of society. We can call all men 'dogs', and all fathers 'deadbeats' (which of course is untrue), yet we're not allowed to say that as well as being victims, some women can be and are also perpetrators of violence and abuse, (which is proven to be true). But speaking truthfully on the subject of women's ability to perpetrate abuse is called 'anti-woman'. Since a woman could accuse him of 'date rape', college men now have 'dating codes' like here, at Antioch College. It's totally disgusting and terribly sad that we let hate mongers dictate how we love each other.
Antioch College Dating Code

"Lawless University President Tramples the First Amendment"
Shadow University On The Missiissippi

Cranky nitpickers make writing a [sic] experience

The Orwellian Memory Hole: Vanishing Archives

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Education Secretary Riley declares English obsolete

'High' marks for party drug recipe

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U.K. Parents' evenings plan for WH Smith

Teachers Skin Deep, Union to the Bone:

Feminism + Quotas = Empty Pools

Why Education Experts Resist Effective Practices

U.S. clears it up: First-grader's kiss is not sexual harassment

Colorado court dooms children

School essay watchdogs cannibalize our children

Schools for scandal


Spying 101 Students taught to report classmates to authorities

'Wave' of protest over violence plan

Kathleen Parker
College testing via Lego-building

Kathleen Parker
No 'Great Expectations' when schools shun the classics


School to school?

Good teachers, curious students and oxymorons

Kids in a public school daze

A reply to teachers

No excuses schools

Burning 'bad' ideas at college

Who needs computers in schools

The Trouble With Single-Sex Schools

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'Handmaid's Tale' is off a reading list

College Official Calls White Men 'Root of Most Evil'

Gordon is pushing every child off the learning curve

Labour is still failing the school leadership test

Upping standards wasn't meant to be easy


Education And What We Do With Our Bodies

By Kathleen Parker
Oh, for a standard....

Homosexual classroom agenda gains ground

Teachers instructed in 'gay' inclusion

Public employees teach kids 'gay' sex

Fistgate Report

"Fisting" In.... Hooters' Ad out????
Too racy for kids?

Education And Our Spiritual Health

D.C.'s gag order for christians

Supreme Court saves us from religion

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School sued for 'trashing' Bibles

Christmas show in public school?

The ACLU Threatens to sue over public posting of Ten Commandments
ACLU up in arms

Ten Commandments go back to school

But here come the ACLU to save our souls from G-d
ACLU Sues Ky. on Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments Out - Lucifer in? Where's the ACLU here, eh?
Public schools teaching occult religion?

Theology student sues state over scholarship revocation

Education And Our Minds

Quote: A class action suit for "fraud" and "conspiracy" in over-promoting the stimulant medication Ritalin (methylphenidate) was filed today in a Texas court. The suit was brought by the Dallas law firm, Waters and Kraus, and will be nationwide in scope. Peter R. Breggin, M.D., is the medical consultant.

Drugging kids and school violence

Doping our kids

Boys will be boys --- or you can always drug 'em

Talking Back to Ritalin

Government Conference on ADHD

DEA Press Release 20.10.95: Methylphenidate - aka Ritalin

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ABCNEWS: Ritalin's Redemption

FactLine on Non-Medical Use of Ritalin


No More Ritalin-Treating ADHD Without Drugs

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College Students Using Ritalin® to Study, Get High


Divorce, school violence, ADD, ritalin

Blowing Away Algebra Two - A Price For Drugging Our Kids?

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