Dear Editor,

It is with sincere regret and partial disgust that I must say this. "The Last Taboo" (UK March 2000) had the potential to be an informative, enlightening article, but somewhere along the way, it became inexcusable propaganda. Andrew Vachss, author, lawyer, child advocate, and contributing editor to Parade Magazine, once pointed out that journalism's God is Truth and, with one notable exception, I have had the displeasure of watching that truth become debased in the name of pedosceles (roughly translating from the Latin as "Doer of evil acts against children" as opposed to "pedophiles", which means "lover of children").

Not one of the predators highlighted in this article seem to care one whit about anybody but themselves. Not once do we hear of any of them wondering about the irrepairable damage done to the real victims of their stories. Not once do we hear them express the fact that they are sorry about what they have done. Nor do I think we should expect them to. By their own words, they have revealed themselves to be functional sociopaths, unable to feel the slightest bit of empathy for anyone else around them. Rehabilitation is a useless concept on such creatures, because they have never been habilitated to begin with. Some may have been victims once, but ALL of them stopped qualifying for that designation the second they act on their desires. They are, quite frankly, the greatest threat to the human race that exists at the moment...simply because, as pointed out in one of the saner sections of the article, they are ignored and allowed to continue their activities unchecked. This is unacceptable and so is the apparent stance of this article that seems to look upon them as merely "sick".

Julia's story of female abuse is perhaps the most damning rebuke to all the self-serving justifications of the others cited in this article. As feminism was founded on the idea that women shared equality with men (an idea I do not dispute in the slightest), I hold that female pedosceles are to be held no less equal with their male counterparts. To say otherwise is an insult to the silent, unbelieved victims who suffer to this day from this class of abusers. I have no sympathy for the devil...regardless of it's gender.

Keihan.. U.S.A.


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