Violence From Women
Hurts As Much As Violence From Men
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When we hear a woman has been abused, raped or violated in any other way, our sympathy is stirred and we feel very angry that such dreadful things are still happening. Yet, though it is not often reported, when we hear of a man being hurt or abused, it is often seen as something humourous, a joke. Indeed, whilst abuse of any type is frowned upon, we are still being "entertained" by the images of women hitting men on our televisions and in films.


Why do we feel it's okay to laugh at men's pain?
Why do we never consider that a man might even feel pain?
Why do we feel his pain is any less
or in someway not as great, as a woman's?


Women Abusing Adults

Added on 24/01/01

Woman faces second murder charge in death of female friend

Wife cleared of attempted murder

1.2 million Canadians face violence from partner Men as well as women

Women's abuse of men ignored

Quote: "SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 117 scholarly investigations, 94 empirical studies and 23 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 72,000"

The vex files: Study ranks society by anger levels Divorced women in their 30s most irate

A slap in the face of domestic violence

"Women are at least as violent as men,
but the evidence everywhere is being dismissed or ignored"


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Woman Killed Boyfriend

Children's hospital wins case to reclaim bequest

Give My Kid An 'A' - Or Else

Once again we're asked to feel pity for the perpetrators of a dreadful crime
Salon Magazine: Womens Way Of Bullying

Stalking Knows No Gender Bias

Naughty Women, 19th Century Style

Violent Girls

Added on 18/01/01

Girl apologizes for beating, accusing prom date of rape

Sisters jailed for killing pensioner

Bowie Girls Suspended for Alleged Hate Crime


PE teachers 'attacked by gang of girls'

Holdup by girls shocks B.C. police

More studies, from different countries, treating violence in girls as a 'problem'. I don't think I've read such sympathetic, understanding, or searchiing to excuse boys behaviour. I do not see why there should be a difference between the way we treat boys and girls.
(USA) Women Lawyers Urged to Stop Violence Among Girls

(UK) Girls' violent games a sign of trouble at home

(UK) Violence among teenage girls is an 'everyday' event, study reveals

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17-year-old guilty in death of Reena Virk: Sentencing April 12

Girl bullies focus of conference

When Girls Are Bullies

Italy: Girls confess to killing nun 'for sport'

Girl, 13, molested three children while babysitting

Two News Reports on Girl Bullies

UK Teenagers quizzed after toddler is kidnapped

Some Things You Might Not Know
But If ALL Abuse Is To End, You Should!

When children are murdered 61% of the time it is by the mother

Review and Extract: Current Controveries on Family Violence

Panel on 'Homicide as Self-help' explores women, crime and media

The Things She Loves: Why Women Kill

(Hmmm.. would you all forgive me for wanting to ask NOW, 'How come you don't speak out so strongly and sympathetically when we tell you we were abused by a violent woman?)
Statements Of N.O.W. On The Clinic Shootings In Massachusetts

Women In Prison

Violent Women: USA Dept of Justice

Quote: "The rate of minor assaults by wives was 78 per 1,000 couples, and the rate of minor assaults by husbands was 72 per 1,000, he said. For the category of severe assaults, he said, the rate was 46 per 1,000 couples for assaults by wives and 50 per 1,000 for assaults by husbands.... "Neither difference is statistically different," Mr. Straus wrote in the journal Issues in Definition and Measurement. "As these rates are based exclusively on information provided by women respondents, the near equality in assault rates cannot be attributed to a gender bias in reporting."
Womens Shelter Movement Denying Husband-Battering

by Paul Szabo, Member of Parliament of Canada.. Quote from Chapter 3 "In 1993, the Children's Rights Coalition, a children's advocacy and research organization in Austin, Texas, reviewed every state's child protective services annual report and found that overall, mothers physically abused their children at a rate twice that of biological fathers. They further found that the second highest percentage of abusers were motherís boyfriends or new husbands. Similar findings were released by the U.S. Justice Department in July 1994 in a report entitled "Murder in Families." The report finds that in the majority of cases of child murder, they are murdered by their mothers, with their boyfriends and new husbands being the next highest group of perpetrators. Biological fathers accounted for only a small percentage of familial child murders."
Tragic Tolerance: Domestic Violence Read Online

Shows more married men are victims...
British 1994 CTS Domestic Violence Survey

References Examining Assaults By Women On Their Spouses Or Male Partners
California State University Bibliography

The opening Paragraph on this Page brought tears of remembrance and pain to my eyes. Quote: "Physical abuse also includes the destruction of the things a woman may cherish most: clothing, photographs of her family, old beloved objects, or even her pet. Although this destruction is clearly emotionally abusive, we label it physical abuse because it gives the victim a profound message about the batterer's access to her and his ability to continue his assaults. the woman learns that the abuser can control her behaviour even if he is not physically harming her at that moment."

When I was a child it was our mother who did these things to myself and my three sisters. It was she who made us take our dog (who we all loved dearly) to the police station and tell them we'd found it. We were told to 'get rid of the f---ing b---ard' and not come back home until we had. I can still recall that awful day. Telling the policeman we'd 'just found' this dog. I could tell he didn't believe us, especially as we'd also told him our dog's name and what his favourite foods were.
Yet Another Gender Specific Analysis Of Family Violence

Special Report by Revs. Sam & Bunny Sewell, Co-Directors of the Best Self Clinic.
Science, Politics And Domestic Violence

Damnable Denial

Expose The Abuse Monster: Truth About Political Correctness

"It Sounds Like I Raped You"

Blaming Men Doesn't Stop Domestic Violence

Estimating Domestic Violence Injury Rates By Gender

Domestic Violence Factoids: Exposing The Myths

Domestic Violence: 'Shameful Statistics Exposed'

Recent Escalation in Child Abuse Charges Tied to Divorce

Men And Women Equally At Fault For Domestic Violence

By Dean Tong
The ABUSE-EXCUSE: Practical Advice For Combating Hearsay

Men's "sufferings" don't count according to some :( - I wonder if children's suffering at the hands of their mother counts?
Quotes On Husband Battering: From Those Who Don't Get It

CTS data is relevant to DV motivation

An unbiased report on child abuse and neglect.
NIS 3: Third National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect

CTS Studies: Spousal Abuse Rates

Methodological Troubles: NCVS

Senator Cools Speaks On Child Protection

Infanticide For Beginners

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