Child abuse is the cruelest of all crimes and is rarely perpetrated by a stranger. Sadly most child abuse is perpetrated by someone the child may know and trust or someone known to the family.

Abuse affects children in all countries, of all ages, of all races, nationalities and religions. It happens to girls and boys, babies and teenagers. And, despite the 'stranger danger' campaigns to warn children not to talk to, or go off with strangers, they are more at risk from someone they know. Mothers and fathers can be child abusers, so too can older brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and babysitters. Other relatives, family friends, neighbours, youth leaders, religious leaders, sports coaches and school workers are also amongst groups which are known to abuse children. Child abuse is society's problem. Children cannot protect themselves, it's up to each and everyone of us to protect all children.

I'd like you to meet my cyber friend, Detective Denney of The Hendersonville Police Department, in Tennessee. He and his colleagues have a wonderful Home Page and a great Children's Page. Detective Denney is more than happy to help anyone, and invites you to write to him. So please, if you have anything that you need to ask advice about but are unsure or afraid, or you just want someone to listen and believe you, I urge you to write to him, he really will understand.

You know, only people who abuse and those who do other bad things have to be scared of the Police. If you are in trouble and need help or just worried by something that is happening to you the Police are the very best people to talk to. Detective Denney knows the law and he may be able to help you. So, even if you just want to say 'Hello', he'll be very happy to hear from you
Detective Denney On Hendersonville Police's Children's Page

And now, if you don't already know him, I'd like to introduce you to one of Life's Heroes. Andrew Vachss is someone who ALL perpetrators of child abuse should watch out for. He stops at Nothing to get them where they belong - behind bars. Mr Vachss writes books to help raise awareness and money for his work in prosecuting child abusers. He explains.. Quote: "To me, it's not my art that's important, it's my theme. Child abuse," Mr Vachss goes on to say, "People who abuse children, people who hurt children, are my enemies. It's as simple as that."..... (Wish I could have set Mr Vachss on to my mother!)
The Official Homepage of Andrew Vachss

This interview with the champion of 'Children Of The Secret' (as Andrew Vachss calls us) I'd found very helpful. Mr Vachss maintains we don't 'Have to' forgive, love or respect our abuser.
Oprah Talks To Andrew Vachss

Here is some 'self help' advice for those who've been emotionally abused, from Andrew Vachss. He truly knows how it feels.
You Carry The Cure In Your Own Heart

Though still a child herself, in my opinion Bekah has shown great courage and is an example to all of us. She ran away from home to protect her baby from the dreadful abuse she herself suffered. She broke the cycle of abuse that she'd known, by putting her child's wellbeing and safety before her own. What a wonderful world it will be when everyone acts with the same courage, honour and unselfish love as this brave girl. Bekah's Home page is a wonderful place for other survivors to meet and find support and friendship. Why not pop over to say hello
Tears In The Dark

Reading the story of the Phelps 'family' was very hard for me, though it neither shocked or surprised me because it illustrated many of the things my three sisters and myself had to live with. Except none of us had to be put on a 'diet' - we hardly got fed and the things we had to sell were stolen electrical goods, so unlike the poor Phelps children, we had no candy to eat. There is another difference between the Phelps children and us. Their abuser is their father, ours our mother
Fred Phelps Expose'

Paul and his twin sister were both brutally abused by their mother. His story is very touching. He sends birthday cakes for children under 15 in his home town, which he pays for himself. He talks to anyone who will listen and has turned his sad experience into something which, hopefully, will benefit others.
Save Our Children - Stop Child Abuse

A very touching Poem by a very brave young girl.
Cindy's Poem

ChildLine is the UK's free, 24 hour, national helpline for children and young people in trouble or danger. You don't need to give your name, someone will help you or listen to you, so if you need help, or just need to talk to someone
call ChildLine free on 0800 1111
Welcome To The ChildLine Web Site

The NSPCC is a great source of help and information for anything concerning cruelty to children in Britain... I hope every British person reading this WebSite has already signed the NSPCC Full STOP Pledge to put a FULL STOP to Child Abuse... For those of you not in Britain, let me explain. The NSPCC has sent a Pledge to every household in our Country to get all British people to sign the 'Full Stop Pledge', in a campaign to end child abuse and cruelty forever.
FreePhone HelpLine 0800 800 500
N.S.P.C.C.(National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Quote: "This is directed toward those children who come from an abusive environment. What is "child abuse"? One might say it is an unacceptable act or deed perpetuated against a child. It comes in many ways and degrees; and it scars the child permanently, either physically or mentally. The child may be able to get the help he/she needs to overcome the pain, but the scars still remain. More thought, however, is needed to get to the issues involved and the lasting effect it has on lives.
Why Does It Happen - Child Abuse

Quote: "How many Silent Cries I have made in my childhood days while growing up in the Virgin Islands are uncountable. . Beginning with my natural motherís father, then my motherís brother and ending with my motherís Son. . My Silent Cries of Incest.
Silent Cries

Sue's Poem

Information For & About Child Victims

Some Information On Child Sexual Abuse

E-mail Senator Anne Cools: Support her efforts to protect children

ChildHelp USA - Hotline, 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Beverly's Child Abuse & Rape Survivors Resources

Children's Protection And Advocacy Coalition

CIVITAS ChildTrauma Programmes-Home Page

Child Maltreatment and Disability

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