The Links on this Page will, I hope, give you some ideas and help in creating, or upgrading your Home Page :)

On 6th October, 1998 I joined the Paint Shop Pro Users Group :)) So, watch out for some great graphics.. I hope!!

On October 19th, this Site received it's first 'Best Links' Award! :) Thanks cg

Although I've designed some of the graphics on Pages, I found the rest on a variety of Sites
I'd like to thank everyone who’s brains I picked, by Linking to their Pages and apologise to anyone I missed

Here are some great Graphics and Border Sites

Other Helpful Pages For Building Your Own Home Pages

HTML Help, Java, Colour Codings etc :)

The Internet Product Page

The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Colour Index

RGB Colour Chart

Web Links: HTML And Graphics

HTML Instructions

More HTML Help

The Java(™) Boutique

Music for Your Page :)

Marge’ Page Of Wav & Sound Links

The MIDI Farm Internet

Wav 1

Soubds of CyberWorld

Fancy Fonts For Your Page

Free Alphabets For Your Web Pages

Font Sources & Type Foundries For Desktop Publishing

Free Accessories For Your Page


Free Guestbook Links

U.S.N.O. Time On Your Page

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